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How do I sign up for optical fibre?

Please refer to your Retail Service Providers (RSPs) for the delivery of optical fibre and services to your premises.

How do I know if optical fibre is available where I work?

You may do a coverage check by postal code at
Alternatively please email us at or call the hotline to check the coverage.

Do I need to get approval from the landlord to install the point in my rented office?

The tenant will be required to obtain permission from the landlord because minor drilling and installation works may take place. We will work together with the residents and building management of the building to minimise any disruption.

What will the set up and installation entail?

Up to four installers will be involved in the installation, which will take no more than 4 hours per installation. During installation, NetLink Trust’s contractor will consult the tenant to determine the location of the Fibre Termination Point in their office. NetLink Trust’s contractors will then attempt to leverage existing points of ingress to install the fibre optic cable into the offices wherever possible. Where there is existing surface trunking/cable tray in the office, for instance, NetLink Trust will attempt to use it to install the optical fibre cable. If the trunking cannot be used, NetLink Trust will explore other alternatives such as a new trunking.

How does the fibre connection within my office look like?

Fibre is terminated onto a Fibre Termination Box, which is a small box that is placed inside your office premises.

An example of a fibre TP

Do I need to purchase any equipment for the installation?

No equipment is required on the part of tenants for the optical fibre cable installation.

However, for commercial buildings, if the horizontal cable tray from the riser to the office unit is not available, then the requesting customer will have to make arrangements to cater for it so that the fibre cable can be installed into the office premise. NetLink Trust may perform the cable tray installation at a cost in conjunction with the optical fibre cable installation works. The charges will be on a case-by-case basis depending on the distance to be installed as well as the tenant’s requirements.

Do I require a fixed telephone line or cable line to enjoy fibre services?

No, you do not require a fixed telephone line or cable line to enjoy fibre services.

Will our current servers/phonelines/phone dashboards be affected after installing the termination point?

No, the optical fibre setup should not interfere with or disturb any existing cables that have been laid to the home or office.

What affects the download and upload speeds when using the fibre optics?

The optical fibre cable is capable of enormous bandwidth capacity as a medium. The download/upload speeds that a user encounters would be affected more by other factors such as server speeds, whether the servers are locally hosted, the amount of users accessing the servers and overseas connection bandwidth etc.

Can this point be used to watch pay TV as well?

The optical fibre network is capable of transmitting multiple HDTV channels simultaneously. Whether there is a pay TV service available will depend on the service offerings made available by RSPs.
Tenants can continue to use the StarHub Cable point provided in each home to watch StarHub Cable programmes. The optical fibre point is envisaged to deliver Voice, Video and Data Communications to consumers and allow Service Providers to offer richer content to consumers.

After installing this point, does it mean I can enjoy high speed broadband without subscribing to SingNet/StarHub/PacNet anymore?

The tenant can choose to subscribe to any service offered by any Retail Service Provider over the fibre network. It is anticipated that SingNet, StarHub and PacNet may also offer their high speed broadband services over the fibre network in the future.

How fast is Internet access via optic fibre?

Internet speeds are envisaged to increase to 1Gbps with the use of optical fibre as compared to the current offerings of 100Mbps.

Will fibre optic connection work on my Macintosh and my PC? Can all the modems in the market today be used with optical fibre?

Once the optical fibre point is established within the office, the RSPs will work with subscribers to provide the necessary Optical Network Terminals / Residential Gateways which the Macs and PCs can be connected to. In general, the optical fibre cable setup can be utilised with Macs, PCs and most other network capable equipment.

I am a commercial tenant at XYZ tower. When will you be installing the FTP into my unit?

Netlink Trust will install the FDP (Fibre Distribution Point) up to the MDF room or telecom riser on the ground floor of your commercial building. We will not install the FTP into your unit at this juncture. To proceed with installation of the FTP, you would have to subscribe to fibre services from your preferred Retail Service Providers. The installation will be charged at a non-residential rate, payable to your RSP.

Why does NetLink Trust only install FTP into residential units? This is unfair to commercial tenants, as we do not get to enjoy the Free 15m Offer.

This is because there is funding by iDA for TP installation up to 15m in residential unit.

As a commercial tenant/building owner, how do I know whether I am eligible to subscribe to fibre services? Will NetLink Trust send any notification to me?

You may use our coverage check portal Alternatively, you may contact us via the hotline 6563 4273.

How does the set-up Fibre Termination Point (FTP), Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and router look like?

The equipment are similar to those equipment installed for residential units.

My commercial building is a high-rise building with 20 storeys. Is there a Fibre Distribution Point (FDP) on every floor?

Yes, there will be a FDP on every floor.

I do not wish to subscribe to fibre services yet. Is it possible to just install the Fibre Termination Point first?

We have plans to offer this in the near future. Please contact us for more details

My commercial building is expected to TOP in XX/XX/XX (future date). Can you install the FDP first?

Yes, you can and please contact our hotline 65634273.

My building classification is under “GOV”. I have been residing there for the past five years. Why do I have to pay a non-residential rate to the RSPs to get the FTP installed? In addition, I have approached my RSP but have been told that I cannot subscribe as I don’t have a BRN to register for these non-residential rates.

The classification by NetLink Trust only affects the operating companies (OpCo). RSPs have the discretion to offer the residential package or non-residential package without a BRN.

What is a springboard issue? Why is my connection delayed by this issue?

Springboard is the provisioning of service for a specific address from a Main Distribution Frame (MDF) room within another building / property. Provisioning time is delayed due to challenges faced by NetLink Trust in accessing the MDF room. Typically the cause of delay is due to additional time required by building management to approve NetLink Trust’s request for MDF room access.

What is being done to resolve connection delay caused by springboard issue?

On-going efforts underway to discuss and negotiate with the building management for access to the relevant MDF room. Where necessary, NetLink Trust will seek assistance from the relevant authority in securing access to the MDF room. Once access is gained, provisioning of services will proceed. Please visit for coverage check updates.

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