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Why Next Gen NBN?


Everyone appreciates speed in getting things done. You may not like long waiting times or queues at the bank or post office.

This is the same for your online experience. You may have encountered long waiting times when downloading files, or jerky videos when conducting video-conferencing. Files are also getting larger as the need for more information or higher video resolutions increases rapidly over time. Low speed internet gives you a poor online experience and limits what you can do.

In Singapore today, most broadband network supports connection speeds up to 100Mbps. Although it is sufficient for some, it may not be adequate for many in the future as our need for speed grows.

Optical Fibre and communications at the speed of light

Optical Fibre network technology has been used throughout the world to transmit large amounts of data and at high speeds from country to country, through undersea submarine cables. Optical Fibre cables are thin strands of glass, about the thickness of a human hair, that permit the transmission of data using light over longer distances and at higher connection speeds of 1 Gbps and above.

NetLink Trust is installing such optical fibre technology as the foundation of Next Gen NBN. That is 100 times faster than what some of our current internet connections are capable of! With the use of optical fibre, a higher broadband speed can be delivered more efficiently and at a lower cost.

All kinds of exciting new possibilities such as richer interactive online content, tele-presence, cloud computing and much more in the future. Optical Fibre network technology is for the growing needs of tomorrow and is future proof.