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Cabling Inside Your Home

Once the optical fibre reaches your home from the outside, you are free to choose any of the following methods to install your point.

a) New trunking (supplied by NetLink Trust) along floor skirting

New Surface Trunking along floor skirting

b) New trunking (supplied by NetLink Trust) along cornice / ceiling


New Surface Trunking along floor ceiling/cornice

Concealed trunking

If you are renovating your home and/or like to conceal the fibre cabling, you will need to provide a 20mm PVC hard conduit, with a nylon draw rope pulled through, from the point of entry  to the location where the Termination Point is to be installed.  NetLink Trust’s contractor will install the cables by using the nylon rope to pull in the fibre via the conduit. Please note that NetLink Trust’s contractor will only return to install this within 1 month of your first engagement with NetLink Trust.

Existing Trunkng

Homeowners who choose to use their existing trunking will be asked to indemnify NetLink Trust’s contractor against any damages to existing cablings and/or interruption to existing services.

A new entry point will be used and some drilling may be required.


Utility Points

A Termination Box will be installed at the Optical Fibre Termination Point.

This is a small box (H125mm x W80mm x D20mm) whereby NetLink Trust will terminate the optical fibre in the home. Only one Termination Box is required per home. Maintain at least 75mm allowance between the Termination Box and utility outlets and/or structures. Every Termination Box will come with an anti-tampering seal. A Termination Box will be considered tampered once the seal is broken. A replacement and/or repair fee will apply.

If your premise is structured data cabling ready, we recommend that the Termination Point be installed in the utility closet or a location that meets the following requirements:

• Has access to electrical point

• Structured cabling RJ45 (min Cat 5 cabling) connects the utility closet or selected location to other parts of the residence such as the living room, study room and bedroom.

• Has access to Termination Box  after installation

For premises without structured data cabling, NetLink Trust recommends that the Termination Point be installed in the living room next to the Cable TV/MATV point with Electrical Point so that it can support data, video and TV services.

If you choose to install the Termination Point at a location that does not meet the given recommendations, please note that NetLink Trust will charge a fee for any subsequent requests to relocate the Termination Point.