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Expected Charges – High-Rise Residential Premises

If this is the first time you are installing the optical fibre into your home, and you accept the initial offer, the installation fees are waived for the first 15 metres of optical fibre. For optical fibre runs that exceed 15 metres, a fee of $33 per additional 5 metre block (excl GST) will be charged.

Fibre run within 15 metres Fibre run exceeds 15 metres
Accepted Initial Offer Charges Waived $33 per additional 5 metres, after the first 15 metres
Subsequently request Installation after declining offer $220 for high rise residential premises $220 for high rise residential premises+ $33 per additional 5 metres, after the first 15 metres

(All prices exclude GST)

*As maintenance and repairs may vary from one request to another depending on a variety of factors and logistical considerations, please feel free to contact us at 6563 4273 for further discussion.

For homeowners of HDB / Condominiums / Private Apartments, the optical fibre run is calculated from the point of entry into your home to the Termination Point.