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List Of Contractors

Recommended Contractors For Repair of Underground Telecom Pipe (within Landed Premises)

Contractor Contact Number Email Address
James Contractor Pte Ltd Tel: 6362 2858
Fax: 6365 8271
Krishco Singapore Construction Tel: 6464 8423
Fax: 6464 8424
Lucky Joint Construction Pte Ltd Tel: 6367 0047 / 0048
Fax: 6367 0049
Soon Yong Trading Tel: 6382 3935
Fax: 6382 3925


  1. List of recommended contractors by NetLink Trust for any underground telecommunication work within resident’s compound.
  2. The list is provided for your convenience only. Home owners are free to choose their own contractors.
  3. NetLink Trust is not responsible for any work or commercial arrangement made between the above recommended contractors and the home owners.