NetLink Trust’s nationwide network is the foundation of the Next Gen NBN, over which ultra-high-speed internet access is delivered throughout mainland Singapore and its connected islands. We design, build, own and operate the passive fibre network infrastructure (comprising ducts, manholes, fibre cables and Central Offices) of Singapore’s Next Gen NBN. Our extensive network provides nationwide coverage in Singapore in terms of residential homes and non-residential premises. We are the sole appointed "Network Company" for Singapore's Next Gen NBN.

Through our network, we provide a number of services to Requesting Licensees. Requesting Licensees provide fibre services to Retail Service Providers, who in turn, provide retail fibre services to end-users. The principal services provided by us are as follows: (a) the use of our network for the purpose of end-user fibre connections, currently for broadband, internet-protocol TV and voice-over-internet protocol (“VoIP”) services; (b) the use of our other passive infrastructure to provide fibre connections; and (c) the provision of other non-fibre ancillary services.

With respect to the use of our network for the purpose of end-user fibre connections, the network provides three separate connections: (a) residential end-user connections; (b) non-residential end-user connections; and (c) Non-Building Address Point ("NBAP") connections. The provision of our services is largely regulated, whereby we must offer such services to all Qualifying Persons in Singapore, with each requesting Qualifying Person being a Requesting Licensee, at regulated prices, without preference or discrimination.

The operations of NetLink Trust and the roll-out of the Next Gen NBN commenced in 2009, through OpenNet. NetLink Trust’s network has been developed with the financial assistance of the Singapore government, in conjunction with Intelligent Nation 2015 ("iN2015"), with the aim of enhancing the competitiveness of the Singapore economy as a whole. The Next Gen NBN provides nationwide ultra-high-speed broadband access to all physical addresses in mainland Singapore and its connected islands. Singtel established NetLink Trust in 2011 to hold the passive non-fibre infrastructure assets (comprising ducts, manholes and Central Offices) used to support OpenNet’s deployment of the fibre network for the Next Gen NBN. NetLink Trust subsequently acquired OpenNet in November 2013 and fully integrated its operations in October 2014.

The Trust Group leverages its nationwide network coverage to support the growing number of connections to residential homes and non-residential premises. This will also be driven by the digitalisation of the Singapore economy, with more consumers and enterprises adopting digital and smart solutions for work and play. In the NBAP segment, we plan to play a lead role in the development of Singapore’s Smart Nation programme. Due to the extensive reach and the fact that fibre is the most suitable medium for high-speed data transmission, we believe that our network is well-suited to support an extensive system of sensors, meters and other connected devices deployed in Singapore.