Fibre Readiness Certification is a requirement under the Code of Practice for Info-Communication Facilities in Buildings 2018 (COPIF 2018) issued by the Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) and effective on 15 December 2018.

A developer or owner must obtain the Fibre Readiness Certification prior to obtaining the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) from the relevant authority.

Once the development has been certified as “Fibre-Ready” by NetLink Trust, there should not be any significant wiring changes to the optical fibre cable, including the associated fibre interface and termination points.

For more information on COPIF 2018 and the COPIF Guidelines, please visit IMDA’s website

Frequently Asked Questions

The following information must be provided during submission:


  1. Project reference from Building and Construction Authority (BCA) (E.g. A2003-12345-2013)
  2. Telecommunication Facility Co-ordination Committee (TFCC) E-Submission number (E.g. TFCC-2013-1234)
  3. Expected TOP date for the individual blocks in the development
  4. Development name and address
  5. Total number of blocks and total number of units per block
  6. Primary and secondary contact person

A relevant representative should be available on the day of Fibre Readiness Certification Testing, as NetLink Trust’s appointed contractors will need to access the Termination Point(s) in each development and/or unit for sample testing.

Re-testing of the optic fibre is required, should the development fails the test for the Fibre Readiness Certification. You will need to conduct the necessary rectifications and re-submit a Fibre Readiness Certification request to NetLink Trust with all the necessary information and documents within 10 business days upon receiving the test result notification.


Do note that re-testing of the Termination Points may be conducted randomly; different from those that were previously tested. You are liable to pay NetLink Trust all applicable charges regardless of the test results.

Please refer to the below table for the relevant charges:


ServiceType of BuildingFibre Certification Charge (inclusive of GST)
Fibre Certification for Landed Property (Sample testing of up to 5 Termination Points per Landed Property) Landed SGD 362.06
Fibre Certification for High-rise Building (Sample testing of up to 10 Termination Points per building) High-rise SGD 554.85
Fibre Certification for High-rise Building (Sample testing of up to 20 Termination Points per building) High-rise SGD 921.37
Optional add-ons
Testing of each additional Termination Point (Beyond the 20th Termination Point, where required) Landed / High-rise SGD 42.37