NetLink Trust’s appointed contractors will liaise with the developers and contractors on the installation of optical fibre cables and accessories within the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) room.

Our appointed contractors will utilise existing building ducts, cable trays and trunking from the MDF room to bring fibre broadband services to the tenants in your premises. The use of existing facilities will help ensure minimal disturbance to your tenants.

For buildings without a MDF room, a node may be installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can submit a request for Fibre Readiness Certification here .

For landed properties, the developer, building owner, licensed electrical contractor or homeowner is required to submit the request three months prior to obtaining the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP).


For all other developments (condominiums, HDBs, high-rise apartments), the developer or building owner is required to submit the request five months prior to obtaining the TOP for the individual block in the development.

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Notification of Commencement

According to the Singapore Telecommunications Act, all qualified contractors must obtain information on the location of telecommunication cabling and consult the telecommunication system licensee prior to carrying out earthworks.

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Performance of Earthworks

Contractors, consultants and developers are to purchase plant route plans from NetLink Trust and apply for Notification of Commencement and Performance of Earthworks before commencing any earthworks.

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