What to Expect for Commercial Tenants?

A typical non-residential installation would take about 2 to 4 weeks if there is no major access issue. The installation process includes securing an appointment with Building Managements (BMs) to conduct site surveys, and seeking approval and scheduling installation works. At times, NetLink Trust faces challenges in gaining timely access and approval from BMs to carry out fibre installation works. The process can be further slowed down by negotiations over insurance, deposits and other requirements. The time taken at each stage varies across BMs.

The installation process can be expedited if commercial tenants help to obtain permission from their BMs for the optical fibre installation.

For more information, please download the Installation Service Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

You can approach any Retail Service Providers (RSP) for the delivery of optic fibre and services to your premises. The RSP of your choice will then submit the request to NetLink Trust for order provision.

Up to four (4) NetLink Trust’s appointed contractors will be involved in the installation, which will take no more than four (4) hours per installation. During installation, NetLink Trust’s appointed contractors will determine the location of the Termination Point (TP) in the office in consultation with the tenant. NetLink Trust’s appointed contractors will then attempt to leverage existing points of ingress to install the fibre optic cable into the offices wherever possible. Where there is existing surface trunking or cable tray in the office, NetLink Trust will attempt to use it to install the optical fibre cable. If the trunking cannot be used, NetLink Trust will explore other alternatives such as a new trunking.

NetLink Trust offers this service on a case by case basis. Please email us at ask@netlinknbn.com or call our enquiry line, at 6563 4273 / 656-FIBRE, for more details.

The classification were set up based on official data given during the rollout period and it determines the network topology to and in the building.

Retail Service Providers have the discretion to offer residential fibre broadband packages in non-residential buildings if the tenant can proof that premise is used as a place of residence.