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NetLink Trust acknowledges the latest decision by the Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) to impose financial penalties for delays in service provisioning for both residential and non-residential end-users. The periods of assessment in the residential and non-residential segments were January 2015 to June 2016, and January to December 2015 respectively.

NetLink Trust fulfilled over 320,000 fibre connection requests in 2015. To date, NetLink Trust has wired up over 1.2 million homes in Singapore. Over the assessment period, NetLink Trust improved its average monthly Quality of Service (QoS) performance in the residential segment. NetLink Trust also made significant improvements in the second half of 2015 in the non-residential segment, and achieved the target of 80% of non-residential connection service orders within four calendar weeks in December 2015.

In the residential segment, NetLink Trust had to address rising fibre broadband demand and a growing number of end-users switching between service providers due to stronger price competition. More fibres had to be laid to cope with this demand, which took up additional time and network resources, potentially delaying connection services to other end-users. To ensure more efficient use of fibres and timely service delivery to all end-users, NetLink Trust will continue to work with Retail Service Providers to minimise the need to deploy a second fibre temporarily when an end-user switches between service providers.

For the non-residential segment, securing timely access to buildings to carry out installation and maintenance work remains challenging as building managements impose their own processes and house rules in allowing NetLink Trust access and permission to carry out its work. NetLink Trust has as a preparatory step also pre-installed fibres in buildings with anticipated demand.

“Addressing the expectations of the IMDA and our partners continues to be a priority for us. We are fully committed to improving our operations and QoS performance. We are investing about $150 million to install more fibre across the country and to upgrade the operational and business IT systems in order to deliver a robust fibre broadband network,” said Mr Tong Yew Heng, CEO of NetLink Trust.

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NetLink Trust designs, builds, owns and operates the fibre network infrastructure which is the foundation of Singapore’s Nationwide Broadband Network.



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