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Network Outages

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Residential Connections

Enterprise Connections

Non-Building Address Points (NBAP) Fibre Connections

Interconnection Offer

Building Developers

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What is the Nationwide Broadband Network (NBN)?

NBN is the wired network in Singapore’s Intelligent Nation 2015 (iN2015) masterplan. It is envisioned to provide open access and eventually ultra-high speed broadband access of more than 1Gbps to all physical addresses in Singapore, including homes, schools, businesses and hospitals.

NBN is structured into three layers.

The Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore has appointed NetLink Trust to lay the passive network infrastructure of NBN.

Network Outages

Why are there fibre cable cut incidents?
A fibre cable cut occurs when a third-party contractor cuts or damages NetLink Trust’s underground fibre cables. There were 23 cable cuts, from 2019 to 2021, caused by third-party contractors involved in the construction of new MRT lines, power cabling, water and sewage piping works and other development projects.

Appointment Related

I have an appointment scheduled for my fibre installation. Will the contractor call me upon arrival?
Our contractors will contact you or your authorised person one working day in advance to confirm the appointment. Subsequently, they will also contact you or your authorised person 30 minutes before the actual appointment.


What impact does COVID-19 have on NetLink Trust?
The COVID-19 pandemic had presented some temporary operational issues for NetLink Trust. The reduced availability of our contractors’ manpower had affected our capacity to fulfil service requests from April to July 2020. Today, the number of workers who have resumed work is close to our pre-COVID-19 level. Our service provisioning capacity is therefore back to normal.

Building Management

How will my building be connected to the NBN (Building Reach)?

NetLink Trust’s authorised contractors will liaise with you on the installation of optic fibre cables and accessories into the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) room.

NetLink Trust will utilise existing building ducts, cable trays and trunkings from the MDF room. This will facilitate the provision of fibre broadband services to your tenants. The use of existing facilities ensures minimal disturbance to your tenants.

In cases where clusters of linked buildings share a postal code, the fibre will be deployed to the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) room, which serves that cluster.

 For buildings without a MDF room, a node may be installed.

Non-Building Address Points (NBAP) Fibre Connection

Can a site office without an address apply for fibre broadband services?

Yes, a site office without an address can apply for fibre broadband services.

There are provisions under the current Interconnection Offer for NetLink Trust to provide fibre connectivity services to buildings without addresses through Non-Building Address Points (NBAPs).

Residential Connections

Section A

The previous owner/tenant is still occupying the port in my house. Can NetLink Trust (NLT) assist in releasing the port so that I can proceed to subscribe fibre broadband with my Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
NetLink Trust (NLT) is not authorised to terminate the port without a termination request from the ISP. Likewise, the ISP must also receive a termination request from its subscriber, in order to put forth the termination request to NLT. Hence, you will need to contact your previous owner/tenant to put up the termination request.

Section B

How do I know which IMDA's COPIF applies to my development?

You can refer to the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) granted Provisional Permission (PP) or Written Permission (WP) effective date, whichever date is earlier, to determine the COPIF of your development.

For example:

  • If your URA's PP or WP effective date is before 01 May 2013, you will need to comply with COPIF 2008.
  • If your URA's PP or WP effective date is on or after 01 May 2013, and before 15 December 2018, you will need to comply with COPIF 2013.
  • If your URA's PP or WP effective date is on or after 15 December 2018, you will need to comply with COPIF 2018.

Interconnection Offer

Why does the standard tariff table only cover a 25-year tenure?
The Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) has approved and published the prices for a 25-year tenure.

Enterprise Connections

How do I sign up for optic fibre?
You can approach any Internet Service Providers (ISP) for the delivery of optic fibre and services to your premises. The ISP of your choice will then submit the request to NetLink Trust for order provision.

Building Developers

Where can I submit a request for Fibre Readiness Certification?

You can submit a request for Fibre Readiness Certification here.

Scheduled Maintenance

What sort of scheduled maintenance does NetLink Trust need to carry out?
NetLink Trust carries out scheduled maintenance works for our network. This occurs in instances such as, cable diversion, fibre optic cabinets clean up, urgent cable restoration, cabinet/building demolition and replacement of damaged splitter card, etc.

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NetLink Trust designs, builds, owns and operates the fibre network infrastructure which is the foundation of Singapore’s Nationwide Broadband Network.



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