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The Nationwide Broadband Network (NBN) - the foundation in support of Singapore’s goal to be a leading digital economy, was one of the first networks in the world that involved the mandated separation of infrastructure assets. By providing a singular, open, wholesale access to the NBN, telecommunications operators can focus on offering innovative retail products and services to consumers and businesses without incurring high fixed costs.


As the appointed network company, NetLink Trust offers the following services in two broad categories:


End User Connections 

Residential, Non-Residential, Non-Building Address Points (NBAP)


Network Infrastructure Services 

Co-location Services, Segment Connections, Ducts and Manholes Access

Our services are offered to telecommunications operators on the terms of an 

Interconnection Offer (ICO), or through a customised agreement.


NetLink Trust remains committed to working with the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) and industry partners to strengthen our operations and network. As the owner and operator of Singapore’s fibre network, NetLink Trust is committed to providing an open and equal access to all our customers.
You may visit their websites to learn more about their services.


Guidelines for Acquiring Interconnection Offer Services

Click the button below for the Manual Relating to Ordering & Provisioning of Mandated Services, including the process for negotiating customised agreement.

Notification of Acceptance of ICO

Click the link below to register as a Qualifying Person (QP) of NetLink Management Pte Ltd (as Trustee of NetLink Trust).



NetLink Trust offers the following Service Tariffs which are filed in accordance with the Code of Practice for Competition in the Provision of Telecommunications Services 2022.

You may click on the links below to download the respective service tariff in PDF format.


The Classification Guidelines provides guidance on how NetLink Trust classifies Residential Premises, Non-Residential Premises and Non-Building Address Points (NBAP) under the Interconnection Offer (ICO).
You may download the Classification Guidelines in PDF format.
For feedback or comments relating to the Classification Guidelines, please fill out the form below.

Enquiry on Non-Building Address Points 

In the event where there are doubts about eligibility for a Non-Residential or a Non-Building Address Point (NBAP) connection, telecommunications operators may submit their queries to NetLink Trust via the NBAP enquiry tool with photographs of the location and the proposed Termination Point placements.

Order Quota

Subsequent to NetLink Trust’s regular quota review, we are pleased to announce the latest daily quotas as follow:

Maximum Quota (excludes
Non-Residential End-User
Connections Quota)
Non-Residential End-User
(Schedule 2) Connections Quota
2 August 2023
1768 (no change)
69 (no change)
9 May 2023
1768 (no change)
69 (no change)
8 February 2023
1768 (no change)
69 (no change)
19 December 2022
1768 (no change)
69 (no change)

About Us


NetLink Trust designs, builds, owns and operates the fibre network infrastructure which is the foundation of Singapore’s Nationwide Broadband Network.



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