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Why do Homes need Fibre?

The internet is so deeply entrenched in our lives that we cannot imagine the inconvenience of having to go without:
Video and music streaming services, and online gaming for our daily entertainment

Video calling to enable working / learning from home or connecting with loved ones who are staying far away


Home automation systems powered by Internet of Things (IoT) to remotely control connected devices when we are outside, for example, air-conditioners, refrigerators, lightings, coffee-maker, washing machines, etc.


Smart home security systems to monitor our homes in real-time using CCTVs, fire and smoke alarms, motion detectors, etc.


Home energy management systems to better manage and improve energy usage and performance through the use of real-time information and data


Telehealth to deliver quality healthcare to an ageing population, enabling our elderly to remain independent in their own homes

All the above convenience is only made possible by the availability of the extensive ultra-high speed, reliable fibre broadband connections and fibre is the ideal medium to support the unabated growth of bandwidth requirements.

Benefits of Fibre

Fibre cables use light pulses to transmit data and they can transmit an almost infinite amount of data at scalable speed. They are also not susceptible to electromagnetic interferences and crosstalk issues.

Our coverage check portal is a free tool which allows you to check if your address is connected to the Nationwide Broadband Network.



NetLink Trust designs, builds, owns and operates the passive fibre network infrastructure of Singapore’s Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN). We provide an open, wholesale access of our fibre network to telecommunications operators, who then sell fibre broadband plans to you.

In this way, telecommunications operators can focus on offering innovative products and services to consumers without incurring high fixed costs.


We only provide unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) surface trunking during fibre installation. You may choose to run the trunking along the floor skirting or along the cornice/ceiling. 

You can find out more about the standard installation process from our installation service guide, please download from the button below. 

Homeowner should be present during the installation process.  Alternatively, you may authorise a person aged 18 years and above to supervise the installation. Please complete the Owner Authorisation Form and email it to ask@netlinknbn.com.


If you require non-standard installation (for example, concealment of fibre cable, use of non-standard trunking, etc.) of the fibre optic point at your home, please engage your own contractor to carry out such work.

The contractors in the list have informed NetLink Trust that they are able to perform works related to the installation of termination points or underground telecommunications works.

1. The contractors who appear in the list (Listed Contractors) have informed NetLink Trust that they are able to perform works related to the installation of termination points or underground telecommunications works, whichever applies (as of 1 October 2023). For the avoidance of doubt, home owners must directly enter into a separate contract with the Listed Contractors.

2. This list is correct as of 1 October 2023 and NetLink Trust expressly disclaims any responsibility to keep the list updated. This list is provided for general information only, and the publication of this list is not intended to be and shall not be construed as an offer for services by either NetLink Trust or the Listed Contractors. Home owners who wish to engage the services of any of the Listed Contractors are encouraged to independently verify the current ability and capacity of the Listed Contractor to provide the desired services.

3. The publication of the list is not intended to be and shall not be construed as a recommendation, guarantee, representation, or warranty by NetLink Trust in relation to the quality, scope, price, timeliness or suitability of the services that are provided by the Listed Contractors. NetLink Trust shall bear no liability in contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise arising in connection with a contract between the home owner and a Listed Contractor.

Installation of Termination Point
Name of Company   Contact No. Email Address
James Contractor Pte Ltd  6362 2858 enquiry@jamesctr.com.sg
Liang and How Contractor Pte Ltd  9152 4727
Lucky Joint Construction Pte Ltd  6284 0288 sales@luckyjoint.com.sg
Mobile and Electrical Solution Pte Ltd 6261 7538 sales@mesolution.com.sg
Next Generation Provider Pte Ltd    6862 4022 sales@ngp.com.sg
Ntegrator Pte Ltd   6479 6033 patricklow@ntegrator.com
Vistek Pte Ltd  6331 2289 / 88 / 87 enquiry@vistek.com.sg


HDB / Private High 
Rise Apartments
Landed Property
Installation Charge
SGD 182.03
SGD 333.54
Service Activation Charge
SGD 61.04
SGD 61.04
* Relocation, Repair and Replacement and Removal Charge
SGD 184.21
SGD 336.81
Fibre run beyond the first 15 metres
(measured from point of entry into the
Residential Premises to the Termination Point)
for buildings fitted with end-to-end
NetLink Trust’s fibre infrastructure
SGD 1.09 per additional 5 metre block
SGD 1.09 per additional 5 metre block
Fibre run beyond the first 25 metres
(measured from Fibre Interface Point of the
Residential Premises to the Termination Point)
for buildings fitted with building owner’s / building developer’s network
SGD 1.09 per additional 5 metre block
SGD 1.09 per additional 5 metre block
All charges shown are inclusive of GST. Charges are correct as of 1 April 2024.  Charges are subject to change without prior notice.
* Relocation, Repair and Replacement, and Removal charge is not applicable to single landed dwelling-houses undergoing Additional & Alteration (A&A) or demolition works that affect existing telecommunication facilities (e.g. lead-in pipes, underground pipes).  For more information, please click here and watch the video under the “Land Residential Projects without Main Distribution Frame (MDF) rooms” section.  

If you require NetLink to install or relocate, repair/replace or remove your Fibre Termination Point (FTP),
please contact our call centre at 6563 4273.  We will follow up with a SMS/email notification for you to make upfront payment (click the button below).  Upon the receipt of payment, we will proceed to book an appointment based on your selected date (subject to availability).  In the event of unavailability, we will contact you to select an alternative date.  Once the appointment is confirmed, we will notify you via SMS/email.


NetLink’s fibre network provides steady and reliable internet connection. To make to most out of your online experience, make sure your WiFi is working at its best.  One of the best ways to maximise connectivity throughout your home is via a WiFi mesh system.  

To optimise the coverage of each node, place them in central areas of your residence, preferably in an elevated position, and avoid obstructions like walls, glass, mirrors, or any electronic or metallic objects.  For healthy connectivity, place your router away from signal-interfering equipment like cordless phones, old bluetooth devices, and microwave ovens, as they may operate on the same frequency and cause WiFi congestion.  For more useful tips to improve your WiFi coverage and speed at home, please click the button below.

About Us


NetLink Trust designs, builds, owns and operates the fibre network infrastructure which is the foundation of Singapore’s Nationwide Broadband Network.



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